surfing simulator winners
surfing simulator winners
surfing simulator winners

Common Questions and Answers:


Q.Do you accept charge cards?

A.Yes... all types including wires...full payments are required up front due to the amount of programming and production for the customization featuring your brand / services. However, we do not require a deposit for our electronic equipment valued at more than $10k - therefore the full deposit payment insures all the rental equipment and return back to us.


Q. What is the typical lead time to have my surfing simulator customized package completed and shipped.

A. Over the last 15 years we have developed a seamless, successful interactive surfing system. Your design package takes approximately 2 weeks to prepare all the art and production with your supplied corporate art / graphics... depending on our workload.  It is always best to plan, but sometimes it's impossible.... we are here to help you plan and execute the best experience possible.


Q.How much space is needed?

A. Typical Space required is an 8 foot wide  x 10 feet deep foot rectangle - the full size of the graphic floor mat.


Q.Is it hard to set up?

A.The basic surfing simulator system is basically "Plug and Play" and weighs only 20 pounds -  totally portable - fits in a standard car and comes complete with a travel case.  Takes 20 - 30 minutes max to set up the unit. All detailed pre-training videos are all online. Our tech support answers any questions within 24 hours.



Q.To what extent is the "full customization" package?

A. We add your logos, photographs, theme to the interactive video game, the 8 x 10 floor mat, the POP UP "Bite Me" Shark Banner, Engraved Trophy and more!

Your entire package promotes your brand throughout the Experiential Event.


Q. This is a Indoor Virtual Surfing Contest where customers interact with the game by standing on the surfing simulator.... how is this done?

A. Our surf simulators are a 15 year evolution where the hardware and interactive software is the result of the users at events - watching them use the surf sim and listening to their comments.  What we have today is a unqique "World's First and Still Only" Electronic Sensored Surfboard that people balance on and lean left and right (while only 4 inches off the ground) to control amazing 3D Surfing within a continuous 30 foot virtual wave full of sharks and giant octopus trying to collect treasure!  The board is non-mechanical (do not get this confused with the Mechanical Bull Surf Rider which is intimidating, dangerous and requires a large amount of space and time to set up.


Q.Is there a time limit or score board where people can get points to win prizes and awards?

A. We have received many requests to feature a LEADER BOARD so that contestants can see their name up on the screen - which of course is a great "ego"  stroke.  The time limit, we have found over the years, is best kept to a minute so that others can have a chance.  We programmed the game to feature tons of cool action within that minute while displaying your brand and logos.


Q. Do you ship worldwide and how long does it take?

A. We have shipped as far as DUBAI, South Africa, Japan and Canada. Due to the size and weight, customs and shipping does not usually add more than 2 extra days to the process.  UPS and FEDEX are both great carriers.  We simply use your account number and create the airbills to save you extra time and costs.















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