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2020 ECOSURFGREEN Surf Challenge Interactives

Dryland Indoor / Outdoor Virtual Surf Contests


Surf Simulator Events introduces a new interactive software system that allows anyone to surf on a full sized Virtual Surfboard on dryland while learning how to save our sea life in our polluted oceans worldwide. The new software also integrates real video wave footage so that the person truly feels that are surfing on and in a continuous 20 foot wave tube anywhere and anyplace in the world. Great for a trade shows, corporate event, or promotion and educational events all indoors or outdoors without getting wet.

ECO SURF GREEN is the new interactive dryland surf experience that requires balance, core exercise, and physical participation using standard laptops, real surfboards and large tv monitor displays. Of course, even on a small screen the experience is captivating.

The educational , virtual interactive game is being introduced in a kit form by Surf Simulator Events Hawaii – THE PORTABLE SURF PARTY – which will simplifies the deployment of entertainment events worldwide and eliminates the cost of shipping surfboards to locations. And at the end of the event, the actual simulator can be given away.

More than 20 years ago, the company introduced the world's first electronic, waterless, surfboard simulator system for dry land. The launch of their new ECO SURF GREEN software series combines the power of successful 3D gaming along with the ability to quickly change the actual wave footage, images and brands within the game. The Unity software engine maximizes the interactive on screen gameplay while providing the choice of using a real surfboard or simple sensing platform using accelerometer technology.

All the moves you make is sensed and interpreted into riding a huge Hawaiian Waimea Wave on any video screen or riding a skateboard, snowboard and skis with simple body movements. From 5 years of age to 95 you can experience the fantasy and thrill of water sports.

In addition, the proprietary software can be quickly customized. For example, we can project a continuous, gigantic real 30 foot virtual tube wave decorated with corporate logos, banners and branded coins. The “surfer wannabe” stands on a surfboard on dryland in front of a large monitor or projection screen and strikes surfer-like poses and movements on to control all the surfing action in the virtual wave tube while picking up trash in the ocean for points. The dueling version allows for two people to bump into each other to collect the most trash in the ocean for points. The portable and quick deployment of our new technology offers a broader, new and exciting entertainment event for any aged guests at retail operations, trade shows, marketing / promotion, restaurants, hotels or parties all within a smaller footprint.

Our Eco Surf Green Software technology will be used for corporate events, trade shows, fund raisers interactive museum exhibits, hotels and retailers that demand standalone interactive displays where manpower is a costly resource.


Surf Simulator Entertainment Events plans to offer the surfing system as a licensed software for entertainment events as well as in a DIY kit form to engage guests at corporate events, trade shows and other promotional activities. Business operators, restaurants, bars and events as well as business owners can utilize the system as an addition to their present promotional tools.

About 3d Rudder Systems:

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Surf Simulator Events team have a combined experience of more than 40 years in the software, marketing/advertising and promotions business for over 20 years across the globe from Dubai, Japan as far as South Africa delivering “experiential” events to promote brands and entertain. With team backgrounds coming from Atari, Nintendo, Sega and Nordic track, the group has developed successful, interactive software focused on engaging any age and culture. Their worldwide reputation is based upon their patented “Virtual Surf Simulator Systems” which use a real electronic surfboard to teach people how to surf and sharpen their balance skills on dryland.

Surf Simulator Events from Hawaii is still recognized as the only portable video virtual surf company in the world to rent and sell their electronic computerized systems worldwide over the last 30 years! The company, based near Waikiki, Hawaii, launched the " World's First Surfing Simulator Indoor Challenge " than 20 years ago at Ala Moana Shopping Center.

Our experienced software and hardware team of experienced  engineers come from well known backgrounds: ATARI, Sega, Nintendo and Nordic Track.  Recognized as being highly creative,  this group developed the world's first and only virtual video, portable surf simulator system  used for trade shows, corporate events, surf party themed events and  major promotions worldwide - from Japan to South Africa Canada and Dubai.

In 1986, we obtained our first patent and had the vision of creating  an interactive experience using a real Hawaiian surfboard combined with a Commodore 64 computer to create an electronic, dryland surfing game.  That was 33 years ago and the company has morphed into a fleet of rental systems used by Pepsi, Coke, Dupont, Duracell, Motorola, Microsoft, Cisco Systems, Tag Heuer, Honda, Toyota, Dell, Verizon for their trade shows, promotions and corporate parties.

Today, our world famous " Hawaii Surfing Simulators " uses sophisticated software and hardware and is totally portable and sets up within minutes indoors and outdoors anytime, anyplace, anywhere.  The totally safe non-mechanical  video surfing system is made for any age  from 5-85  - everyone loves the fantasy of video virtual surfing.  

We have several interactive surfing game titles that range from ECOSURFGREEN (educational software that teaches users about ocean pollution), Pipeline Surfer, Luge Surfing and several more that can be totally branded with

logos and client images.

One of our latest products is the DIY Kit Surf Simulator package that allows clients to build and customize their own systems according to their own needs. This particular package is a great entrepreneurial means to get someone started in their own Surf Party Event System.

Past and Present Clients:

Used by Microsoft, DURACELL, Tag Heuer, Playa Franchises, COKE, Motorola, Honda, Sony, Hawaii 5-0, Dairy Queen, Cadbury International, PEPSI, Trident, U.S. Army and Navy

ABC Television, Discovery Channel, Verizon,Sheraton Hotel Chain for their corporate entertainment events.

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