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New VIRTUAL SURF "KEEP THE SURFBOARD" Package Design Eliminates 50% in Shipping Costs... we now ship worldwide!

Hawaii Surf Simulator Events is proud to celebrate more than 20 years in business since getting its first patent in 1980.  Our vast experience in activating trade shows, permanent displays, corporate events allows anyone in the world to virtual surf video waves anytime, anyplace!

Dryland Virtual  Surfing... ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, ANYPLACE!

Special Events
Trade Shows

...our world famous video surfing simulators come in a variety of packages : single, dueling and they take up minimum footprint of 4x8 feet.  Lightweight and portable.

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Fund Raisers
...what can garner more donations and WOW your  crowd... this is a spectator sport as well.



Trade Shows
... we don't offer a lot of talk or sales pitch... our 25 years of experience, clients and photos tells  the story...

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Duracell Custom branded Surfing Simulator / Wakeboarding Sensor Platforms - CROWD MAGNET


Custom Branding and Various Interactive Games...

Surfing Simulators / Wakeboarding / Skateboarding / Jet Ski and more!

Rent / Lease or Purchase a surfing simulator  or  sensor platforms made for virtual surfers or experiential sports...

 Our experience in building out trade show booth or for any special event or fund raiser, with our surf simulators and virtual sports platforms always have 30 foot  waves or the wide ocean waiting for them on dryland . Our company is still recognized as the world's first and only manufacturer of these systems - our first patent was received more than 30 years ago!   One or two people compete on the same screen be it a 80"  large monitor or 20 x 30 foot inflatable screens - the feeling is real while standing on real surfboards or wakeboards.

Realistic surf simulator with a unique feeling

Exciting Waimea Bay, Pipeline or world famous Waikiki Beach is now digitally made possible with portable, lightweight,  fully computerized systems made to travel anywhere, anytime, anyplace in the world. 

Our surf simulator is the only one in the world where the "virtual surfer" controls all the action on the screen using their core balance skills while standing on a real surfboard,  wakeboard  - onboard proprietary sensors read every movment.

There are various interactive surfing simulator games we have produced... surf against the clock alone to beat the highest score on the leaderboard or two "virtual surfers" can compete against each other for the best score.

We have various games which can all be branded with your logo or products. This is definitely a WOW crowd magnet...

The size of your area can be as  small as 4x8 and larger as we have all the accessories, backdrops to make your destination attractive and exciting. We are also able to place your company logo  on the surfboards, wakeboard  to promote your brand at any event.  You can run up to 12 surf simulators with only three operators and 6 standard laptops.​

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Newly released ECOGREEN SURF which teaches people about cleaning our oceans while "virtual surfing"

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3430 Waikki Avenue, 
Honolulu, HI  96817

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